At Apex, we understand the unique challenges organizations face when digitally transforming their businesses.  Each industry, project and customer experience is unique.  


Apex has a range of digital solutions and industry expertise to help clients realize their digital vision.  We have helped clients across the US and Canada build robust digital strategies. By partnering with Apex, your project will move from concept to a digital platform that drives your business and strengthens the customer experience.



Our Approach


Implementing a unique digital marketing strategy allows businesses to rapidly enhance their image, influence consumer behavior and improve product perception in the marketplace.  Apex enhances clients’ digital channels by providing the scalability and flexibility required to remain competitive.  We can support your needs ranging from social media and marketing automation, to content strategy and design, to SEO/SEM and analytics to UX/UI design and research, as well as helping you define an overall vision for your digital marketing and branding objectives.



Our Approach


Apex works with our clients to help build out fully integrated Experience Design (XD) teams that strategize and collaborate to win.  We have a virtual pipeline of design thinking, "user-psychologists" that can align to goals across user journeys.  We specialize in delivering experience design professionals that will create the next generation of experiences for your users.




Our Approach


Businesses must adapt daily to stay ahead of the rapid pace of consumerism.  Apex's Digital Transformation Roadmap provides a clear path to enable our clients to navigate in today's ever-changing technology ecosystem.  Our IT and Digital Strategy framework are proven methods which, at their core, focus on Future State.  Apex has a long history of helping our clients achieve Future State by removing barriers that traditionally limit progress and innovation.





Our Approach


Apex's Cognitive Technology Center is focused on RPA, Machine Learning, NLP, Speech Recognition, Biometrics and Data Science. Our client centered approach includes current state assessment, future state assessment and the creation of a project success roadmap.  Our experienced engagement teams provide expert industry knowledge concentrated on enabling your vision.


Our Approach


As a leader in Technology Services for over 20 years, Apex stays ahead of emerging technologies through our Practice Teams.  These teams constantly evaluate and analyze new technologies across all industries for longevity, sustainability and practice use. Our Analytics Platform can deliver Heat Maps on skills, locations and provide cost analysis so our customers can make informed decisions regarding their technology future.


Apex's Digital Team has helped clients across the U.S. and Canada build out robust digital strategies, identify critical resources, enhance existing  programs and embrace cutting edge technology. 

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Our Digital Enterprise Solutions practice provides our clients with the knowledge and experience required to meet their unique digital goals. Apex partners with our clients by understanding what digital means to each specific business, allowing us to develop a shared vision and unlock their digital potential.

As a leading technology staffing and services firm, Apex utilizes our skill-based recruiting method to develop a customized solution to deliver the right people, at the right time, for the right price.


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